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Cécile Gaulke – London

From Beyoncé to Sheryl Sandberg, we here at The Rhapsody can’t help but admire the women who embody the #girlboss persona: whip-smart, hard working and in-charge of their own success.

Among our favourite #girlbosses is Cécile Gaulke, the co-founder of the Hamburg-based luxury reseller REBELLE. Gaulke, who has a master’s degree in European Business, started her company after her father asked her to get rid of the clothes she left behind at home. The only problem was she couldn’t find an online platform in her native Germany that would be up to the task of selling her vintage wares.

Seeing a gap in the market, Gaulke launched REBELLE, a high-end reseller that inspects the authenticity and quality of the products sold through the website, provides all-around service to sellers and quality packaging for its customers. A year later, the company took over its competition, Glamloop, and these days, the company now serves customers all over Europe.

We e-mailed Gaulke to get the inside scoop on her musical tendencies and gain a little #GirlBoss inspiration for our own playlists.

PB: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

CG: I was born in Berlin and studied economics before I moved to both London and Paris while studying for my master’s. I currently live in Hamburg where I originally founded Rebelle, however I travel a lot to the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Italy to visit all our international markets where we have recently launched. I am lucky however that I have many school friends and family still living in Berlin as this is only a short journey from Hamburg.

PB: What’s your earliest memory of music?

CG: That’s a hard question. Probably the Beatles as my mum owned almost every album.

PB: What was the first album you ever owned? Did someone give it to you or did you buy it for yourself? 

CG: I can’t remember specifically but I think it was the single “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. Back then I thought this was the best song ever made!

PB: Which musical artists did you look up to while growing up? How have they influenced you in your adult life?

CG: I wouldn’t say there is a particular artist I looked up to. My taste in music is versatile and depends on my mood, from hip hop to pop to electronic music. Though I have to say, I really liked Michael Jackson but also Take That, the Spice Girls and even the Backstreet Boys when I was younger! But luckily my taste in music has changed quite a bit over time.

PB: How do you discover new music? Do you have a favourite record shop or website? Or do you have a friend whose taste in music you trust?

CG: I wouldn’t say I actively search for new music. Often the tracks come to me, because I hear them on the radio or while at a friend’s house. If I hear a song that really inspires me, I am not ashamed using Shazam.

PB: Which songs are you currently enjoying?

CG: To be honest, I usually turn on Spotify. It’s a shame but most of the time I don’t remember the names! At the moment my Playlists include various songs from Rudimental, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Emily Sandé, London Grammar and The Weeknd to name a few.

PB: Do you know how to play an instrument? If not, have you ever tried to learn how to play an instrument?

CG: I learned how to play the piano for several years when I was younger. Unfortunately I am really not musical at all now and there is not so much left from what I learned, sadly.

PB: You are the founder of Rebelle, a luxury website for preloved fashion. What song or artist would best describe your business?

CG: Good question! I don’t think there is one particular song that describes my business, however we champion classic pieces and amazing vintage finds, so it would have to be an iconic band such as The Beatles, Queen or The Rolling Stones

PB: What kind of music would Rebelle customers listen to?

CG: Our customers are a diverse group and given we have people listing and buying items from all around Europe, their particular tastes I’m sure will vary from classical music to fresh electronic sounds.

PB: What’s it like to work at Rebelle? Do you play music while you work? Is there an artist or song everyone in the office is collectively obsessed with?

CG: Working at REBELLE is inspiring because of the many talented people we have here. The office is always buzzing and constantly filled with good vibes. On Friday afternoon we normally celebrate the achievements of the week with a glass of Prosecco while listening to some fun uplifting music from either the 1990s or hits from the current charts.

Find the perfect pre-loved addition to your wardrobe on Follow the team’s stylish happenings on their Instagram, @rebelleofficial, and keep up with their latest news on Facebook. Cécile was was photographed in London by Cindy Parthonnaud.

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