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Paolo Roldan – Toronto

With razor-sharp cheekbones and a smolder that could melt just about anything, it’s easy to see why supermodel Paolo Roldan is a favourite in the fashion world.

The Philippines-born, Toronto-bred model, fashion buyer, and budding stylist has appeared in the pages of GQ, Numéro China and i-D while walking the runways for the likes of Michael Bastian, 3.1 Phillip Lim (he counts designer Phillip Lim as a friend) and Givenchy, where he is often a regular. In fact, Roldan made his runway debut for the French fashion house in 2009 after a last minute casting call with creative director Riccardo Tisci. Roldan is now widely regarded as Tisci’s muse.

Betting that his good taste in fashion and company transcends into music, The Rhapsody e-mailed the supermodel to ask him a couple of questions about his musical journey. Roldan did not disappoint.

TR: Hey Paolo, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

PR: I was born in Quezon City, Pilippines. My family moved to Canada when I was 11 years old. I’m currently residing in Toronto, Canada and anywhere else my job takes me. I work as a full-time model and trying my hand at styling.

TR: How did you first encounter music?

PR: My parents have always been into music. My dad was in a band in his younger days and my mother was a self-proclaimed professional dancer. Both had a ton of Beatles always on rotation. They took us to watch musicals and a lot of parties. Music is an essential part of Filipino culture. I’d say 2 out of 3 people can belt out a tune at any given moment and almost everyone can cut a mean rug.

TR: Who gave you your first album? 

PR: My parents got me my first album on cassette tape. It was Bad by The legendary Michael Jackson.

TR: How does music tie in to your career, friendships, etc, and vice versa?

PR: Music gives me inspiration in every aspect of my life. It drives me to work harder, keep me chill, dance and let loose with my friends, reminisce about the past and look forward to the future. It also helps unite people…music is usually a starting point in starting a friendship/relationship with someone. It helps people to gauge another person’s spirit and personality. It’s like food…for the soul.

TR: What’s your karaoke jam?

PR: I don’t usually get down during karaoke sessions…but if I did it would have to be Redemption Song or Stand By Me. “No I won’t be afraid…just as long as you stand, stand by me.”

TR: How do you discover new or old music? 

PR: I usually discover new music through meeting new people or friends just randomly listening to new/old music I haven’t heard before.

TR: What are your go-to tunes for: 

– Getting out of bed and seizing the day?

PR: I’m listening to my friend’s band called Young Empires. It’s got a very chill but upbeat vibe to it…it’s got soul. The kind of music you can jam out to on the beach or an epic road trip.

– Hyping up as you get ready for a night out?

PR: R. Kelly I Believe I Can Fly…haha. Anything Kanye or Bob Marley does the job as well…to get hyped or just chill.

Follow Paolo on Instagram: @juanpaoloroldan. Listen to Paolo’s interview mix here.

Paolo Roldan was photographed in Toronto by Olivia Seally.

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