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The Rhapsody Mix No.1

If you’re in Dubai, then hallelujah, it’s the weekend, baby! Anywhere else in the world, sorry, you’ve got some of the week left to go. But fear not,  in the persons of Jamie XX, Leon Vynehall, Kiasmos & more. Shoulder-shimmy-shimmy-while-at-your-desk mode. Take your first hit above, and get the rest here. Activate.

Track List

  1. Jamie xx – Sleep Sound 
  2. Dauwd – Ikopol  
  3. Leon Vynehall- Untitled 017
  4. Kiasmos – Held 
  5. Eliphino – I Don’t Care 
  6. Percussions (Four Tet) – KHLHI
  7. Pépé Bradock – Démarre La Chauve (Streako & B-Squit edit)
  8. Nathan Fake – Dinamo

Cover photography by Nicolai Berntsen.

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