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The Rhapsody Covers Monday: Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge covers The Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hanging On”

Vanilla Fudge‘s self-titled debut is an entire cover album spanning some seminal tracks from ’60s icons, such as the Beatles (Elanor Rigby), Curtis Mayfield (People Get Ready), and more. Funnelling the songs through progressive rock and completely deconstructing each one, Vanilla Fudge fashions newly-formed sonic entities. And brilliant ones, for that matter.

“You Keep Me Hanging on” is a particular highlight: a heaping serving of psychedelica, they augment and redefine the song with a focus on the organ. The way it blazes and dominates the song as the bass punches alongside – with some of the sweetest, most gnarly licks in existence – is downright euphoric. But it isn’t just the fact it’s a remarkably good cover. It’s that there is a quality so fundamentally magical about the band. There is truly a mystical quality to their sound, captivating all your senses with every second of their shimmering, otherworldly, slowed-down instrumentation.

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